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Ideal for a wide range of garden projects, our range of Sleepers, Log Roll and Border Edging provide the perfect solution for neatening up your garden. Get some inspiration from these garden sleepers ideas and enjoy a graceful outdoor space in no time. Versatile, sturdy and durable, timber garden sleepers make a stylish addition to any outdoor area. Reader's Digest. Below is an example of a cost comparison for the total costs for a segmental block retaining wall and total costs for a concrete sleeper retaining wall, both which include all materials.

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  • 20 Landscaping Timber Ideas You’ll Love!
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My Garden Path - Fiona Brockhoff

Wood Patterns. Bird Project Patterns. Yard Shadow Patterns. Christmas Designs. Halloween Designs. Other Holiday Designs. Pallet Wood Projects. Dress Up Darlings. Motorized Designs. Furniture Wood Plans. Layered Animal Plans. Patio Paver Pals. Scroll Saw Designs. Indoor Decor Patterns. Downloadable Patterns. Vinyl Application Video. All-Weather Displays. Wholesale Patterns. NEW Items. Latest Catalog. Landscape Timber Designs. Landscape Timber Tractor Planter Pattern.

Our little Tractor Planter displays your favorite flowers while adding a country look to your yard or garden. Make it fr Landscape Tractor and Wagon Plans. Make this great looking accent piece for your yard or garden entirely from low cost landscape timbers!

Add a bottom or Landscape Timber Playhouse Woodworking Plan.Your kids will love having their own little log cabin to play in! Make it for them yourself from inexpensive landscape Landscape Timber Bench Woodworking Plan. Make this massive yet comfortable bench entirely from low cost landscape timbers using our full-size pattern. These attractive raised planters will be a nice addition to a deck, patio or yard area.

Display them individual This large eye-catching planter is sure to be the focal point of your yard or garden--and you make it almost entirely fr Landscape Timber Star Planter Plans. Make attractive star-shaped planters for your yard entirely from low-cost landscape timbers. Just cut, stack and screw Landscape Timber Frog Planter Plans. Sure to be a real conversation piece! Make this unique frog-shaped planter from inexpensive landscape timbers and our p Landscape Planter Bench Woodworking Plan.

Make this original design from inexpensive landscape timbers, 5 inch long outdoor screws and our full-size pattern. Turn low cost landscape timbers into this adorable little planter! You may wish to hook it on to our Landscap Make this massive yet comfortable chair and matching table entirely from inexpensive landscape timbers using 5 inch long Landscape Timber Snail Planter Plan.

Make this unique snail-shaped planter from inexpensive landscape timbers and our Add rea Landscape Timber Rattlesnake Planter Plans. Make our unique Rattlesnake Planter from inexpensive landscape timbers. Then add dowel fangs, our plastic eyes and tongu Landscape Timber Accent Lighting Pattern. Attractive light to mark a driveway or accent a walkway. Make it from low-cost landscape timbers, our light kit and a re Landscape Timber Furniture Plan Set.

Make six of our popular Rustic Furniture pieces from low cost landscape timbers and 5 inch long outdoor screws with this Landscape Timber Round Planter Plans. Make these attractive round planters for your yard entirely from low-cost landscape timbers!

Just cut, stack and screw t Make our unique Turtle Planter from inexpensive landscape timbers and our plastic eyes. Fill with soil or insert a clay Landscape Timber Cactus Woodcraft Pattern. Hang multiple flower pots up to 5" diameter Landscape Timber Horse Woodworking Plan. Make both horses sh Landscape Timber Wheelbarrow Planter Pattern.

This eye-catching planter is sure to be the focal point of your yard or garden Make this massive yet comfortable Love Seat and matching Coffee Table entirely from inexpensive landscape timbers, 5 inc Landscape Timber Candy Cane Plans.

Realistic-looking, simple-to-make Christmas displays from inexpensive landscape timbers! Make one candy cane or Create these great additions for your deck, patio or garden from our full size pattern and inexpensive landscape timbers Landscape Timber Rowboat Planter Plans. You don't have to live near the water to love this rowboat shaped planter!

It is easy to make from low-cost landscape t Fill with soil or insert clay p Landscape Timber Reindeer Planters Pattern. Decorative deer planters from inexpensive landscape timbers! Full-size patterns are included to make both the two leg an Landscape Timber Locomotive Planter Pattern. This eye catching Locomotive planter is sure to be the focal point of your yard or garden--and you can make it yourself Great additions to your deck, patio or yard area.

Make these hexagonal planters from inexpensive landscape timbers and Atractive half round planters fit snuggly against a wall or fence and are made entirely from low-cost landscape timbers Make your own classic roadside style picnic tables from economical Landscape Timbers. Small Landscape Timber Lighthouse Pattern. A sturdy Christmas Sleigh and Reindeer you make from low-cost landscape timb Landscape Timber Sleigh Woodcraft Pattern.

Make this great looking Holiday display from low-cost landscape timbers. Landscape Timber Bridge Woodworking Plan.This unique bridge will be an attractive addition to your backyard-with or without a stream!

Make it from low-cost lands Shiver me timbers, Matey! This large eye-catching planter shaped like a pirate ship will surely be a focal point No more cold trips to the woodpile! Build this sturdy, inexpensive design for outside your door. Hold more wood by makin Rustic Furniture Pattern Set.

Retaining Walls

The materials I use:For the back of a plante Lay the second row of timbers staggering the seams above the timbers below. Drive galvanized Slope UP. Attractive vines ground covers and perennials such as berry bushes rhubarb and garlic will help to secure your slope. As with a flower garden your main consideration with a vegetable garden will be to ensure you retain your top soil. Terracing a slope can help with drainage problems but it can also add functional gardening space.

Divert any downspouts and gutters as far away from the landscape timbers and house as possible. Apply the liquid termite treatment to your lawn.

20 Landscaping Timber Ideas You’ll Love!

Timber pegs. It was a time before nails and sawmills, when timber was hand-hewn and wooden pegs and joints secured entire buildings. We also sell a comprehensive range of machined roundwood which is also suitable for low level retaining … While nails hold a typical house together a peg will hold your timber frame together. Timberpeg Tree Farm, Lancaster, Ohio. Treated Pointed Pegs 50mm x 50mm x mm. Related category. See the list below for the sizes of pegs available and related products for the timber edging boards.

Garden edging

If you have a large backyard and have been thinking of creating a garden, this DIY gardening project is for you! Make sure to choose an organic fertilizer. A good one is Canola meal. It is a ground up material that is lightweight and spreads easy. It is always weed free and inexpensive.

Garden arch wood.

How to Build Raised Planters With Landscape Timber

Landscaping adds structure, character and texture to your garden or outside space. It can allow you to create an area where you can sit and relax and enjoy your garden - your own little paradise nestled away from the busy-ness of the world. It might allow you to create a beautiful area in your garden for you to entertain your friends and family, and therefore be an area that you want to both enjoy and impress people with. It might even be a carefully created area for children to play in. Or it might just be that you want the area in which you grow plants to look nicer and be laid out in a more practical way to make the best use of your garden for growing. Here, we look at some of the ways that you can use timber for landscaping your garden, and also explain the benefits of doing so.

Lawn + Garden

Timber is a great product for all your DIY projects. In fact, if you had to you could work with timber with just a good old-fashioned hand saw, a hammer and some nails. Timber decking makes a great addition to any yard. Use timber decking or flooring to create a winding walkway through your garden. You could even frame it on either side with a fence, to really reinforce that style and class. They provide shade, shelter and an awesome space to just hang out. The kids will love them too! Is your fence in need of an upgrade?

GP Garden Services is your well-established, local & friendly gardening company based in Enfield. Decking and Timber Landscaping.

More and more pressure treated timber is being used to help create attractive and durable landscape environments. From decorative raised beds and planters through to retaining logs, and sleepers. Timber is easily worked and blends into its natural surroundings, in either a green or brown treated finish. Robertson Timber offers a range of timber garden furniture , including arches , trellis products , seating , also sheds and kennels provide attractive and sturdy storage and housing solutions in the garden.

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Wood Patterns.

Regular Maintenance Tidy Clearance Sessions. We can probably still help, just give us a call or complete the online enquiry from on the Contact Us page. Purchased soil and many plants during lockdown. Delivery was on time made by a friendly and polite member of staff. All plants blossomed in some amazing colours.

Not only are they more vibrant and crisp with colors when viewing up-close, but they have an eye-catching premium look from far away. One gallon of wood preservative for all cut ends. Sku

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