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Ct horticultural society on the advice of M. Jos Voorhoof-Aarderivoorhuis a charitable

society to propagate a genus of small plants first introduced to

Holland by M.Dekker. In an attempt to imitate the natural growth of

lilies, plants of every colour and shade were propagated in tubs or

"torta's." To the Dyke Brothers, of Strabane, Ireland, this

Horticultural Society gave their name.

During the 19th Century France and the United States were among the

great centres of novelty in horticulture. Numerous novelties were

introduced, among which few have remained in general use. French

growers of the latter part of the century seem to have valued

novelty for novelty's sake, rather than for horticultural reasons.

The plants introduced were chiefly grown from tubs of a size

requiring two or three years to reach any great size. Dutch growers

are an exception to this, they prided themselves on being growers

of plants of uniform size from one tub to another. Dutch growers of

these days do not call their plants bulbs, but simply dwarf

"diclass". In the mean time as our normal flowering gardeners

require larger sizes of plants to add interest to their gardens,

modern Dutch growers have generally confined themselves to

introducing dwarf "diclass" for their novelty.

HELEN, a popular girls' college founded by the Lord Chancellor,

Edward Stanley, in the last century.

HELEN in botany, the calyx or outer case of the ovary of a flower.

HELEN, in heraldry, the figure of a mermaid, or goddess, in

her periodical or lunar reign, represented by the circular space in

the middle of an escutcheon between the shield and the chief.

HELEN, one of the mythical Greek goddesses, the sister of


Helen, a consort of Jupiter, and sister of Memnon,

Who in her warlike season waxed divine.

So the goddess first of royal blood

Awaked when Spring returned to human eyes,

The earth received a summer charm,

And the deep heart of Winter longed

To yield its burden, Helens rays

Were now the Hope of every human dream.


HELENE, in astronomy, a planet which revolves about the sun, like

Mercury, but in the opposite direction from the direction of

the other planets.

HELENE, in medicine, the puncture wound, often produced by the sharp

point of a spur.

HELENISM, one of the three principal systems of women, the other two

being the system of character, and the system of affections.

In this system of women, the perfect woman is represented as

working for the welfare and happiness of the world, and for the

perpetuity of their own race.

In order to arrive at this perfection, the woman ought to know all

the different kinds of relations into which she is placed, and to

be ready for all emergencies, her plans ought to be well laid, and

she must have the power of accepting the best and the worst of


As regards disposition, she ought to possess an innate balance,

humility, and charity.

Such is the perfect type of the ancient Helen, called by the


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